Lorraine Starr

Shelter Founder

Lorraine Starr

Lorraine has been helping kittens and cats for over 15 years. She is known as the one to bring the babies to because of her vast experience hand-raising orphaned kittens from birth on up, and she lovingly nurses very sick kittens back to health. Because she provides advanced medical treatment and care, leveraging years of hands on experience, Lorraine is truly a lifesaver to these sweet babies.

As an experienced foster, Lorraine’s home is always swarming with playful kittens awaiting their furever homes. She tends to all their needs and socializes them so they are ready for their loving family.

As one of the founders of Ali Cat Rescue, Lorraine dedicates her time to fund-raising for the most critical needs of the organization. She also ensures 100% compliance with 501(c)(3) distinction, so that the organization can focus on their true mission: building a world where all cats and kittens have a loving and safe home to thrive in for a lifetime.