Zeus showed up on a porch at 2 pounds & 2 months old – hungry, scared, and full of baby ticks.  After  some TLC, what a gem he’s turned out to be.  Zeus loves to cuddle with people and pets, his playfulness is very entertaining & he meows loudly for canned food & treats. Oh, and that cackle when he sees a bird or lizard through the window, that’s the best! It’s best if he’s paired up with a younger kitty to play with or an owner who can play with him everyday while he has lots of kitten enregy to exert.

Zeus is neutered, up to date on his vaccines, including Rabies, and he’s microchipped. He has received regular flea and worming medication and has tested negative for feline AIDS.

Our donation adoption fee is $100.00 which will help to “pay-it-forward” so the next street kitten can be saved.

Ali Cat Rescue is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit rescue. We are foster-based and have no shelter building. All donations go to saving kittens and cats for the streets.


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