Clyde (Foster to Adopt Program)

Clyde, along with his sister Bonnie, was born in one of our foster homes to a rescued mama kitty. He is the cutest little guy – all full of curiosity and spunk. He loves to practice his feline behaviors like stalking and pouncing, and he just wears himself out with playtime. Then, he loves to snuggle up on a warm lap or shoulder.

WHAT IS FOSTER TO ADOPT? Clyde will still need to be returned to us long enough to get the last of his shots and to be neutered, but he can start living his new life with you now! Fostering to adopt allows you to be the one to socialize your new kitten – specifically to you and your home. And, it allows us to ensure that he will have the BEST possible start in life.

All of our kittens are handled with loving care, are veterinary examined, will be up to date with shots, flea-free and will be spayed or neutered. Their adoption fees help with the cost of food, fostering, meds, veterinary care and ensuring they have the best possible life by finding a loving home with the right person. If any kitten has special needs, we do whatever it takes to help them.

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